Coming Clean

I have other blogs and a face book account.  I still feel I haven’t been able to expressing my inner me. The frightened thought of who will be affected by my anonymity being lost.  The thoughts going through my mind does need to be expressed. I have been through a lot in my 35 years and feel that more than a few will relate to my life.  Now I am coming clean. Clean with my emotions feelings and struggles.  Clean with all the dirty little secrets and skeletons in the closet you want no one to know.  Clean with all the good bad and ugly in my world.  This will be my day to day blog. My writing will be from the past, presence and future. The past that I cannot change and have to work on letting go. The present I need to have the courage to change. The future I have to believe will be good. If anyone has any comments feel free to express them.


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