Single Mother by choice Continues

I think my friends and family think I have dropped the single mom by choice idea. This is so far from the truth. I have been trying to find information. I found a single mom by choice group in my city. I went to their holiday party. I received a wealth of information. I was also thrilled to see other women of color there. I bonded with a few of the ladies. They were very nice and gracious in answering my questions.

My biggest problem is fear. Most of my fears are financial. So before I delve into my fears there are many other things I need to take care of first.

1)    Parkinson’s disease specialist– With my dopamine deficiency I needed a specialist.  The people who take the medication I use have Parkinson’s disease.  I started with the list of Neurologist given by my insurance company.  They did not list their specialty so after six calls I was annoyed.  They see Parkinson’s patients but were not specialist.  I was concerned if the state of Georgia had specialist for what I needed. Finally success after many more calls.

After explaining my situation I was told I needed to consult a high risk OBGYN also.

2)    High Risk OBGYN- I know the medication I take can have effect on a fetus. I take 25/100 Carbidopa/Levodopa which according to doctor Google Levodopa passes through the placenta and absorb by the fetus. I have many questions.

a)     Will my medications give my anticipated baby birth defects?

b)    Are there any alternative medications?

c)     Will I have to get off the medication completely?

d)    Will I be able to work if I proceed forward?

Finally I got an appointment with both on the same day. The search to get some answers begins. Before I make any decisions I need to know what I am getting into.

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