Can’t I have anything?

I joined this meet up group. I have been to one event.  I had planned to make there events part of my regular social calendar. I had a decent time minus one incident. I’m trying to forget that incident which had nothing to do with the group. So I wanted to relax this weekend and miss two events.

I went online to check out the pictures to see who showed up. My mouth dropped. My co-worker was a member. I guess that wouldn’t be a big deal if this was someone I could see myself socializing with. Also I’m private at work. I try not to mix professional and private. Correction I learned my lesson not to mix professional and private. That is an entire different story.

I share selectivity and only with certain people in the workplace.  The major issue is this person has a big mouth. There entire life story is all over the office. I’m not going to be chased out. I really enjoyed the people in the group. I am going to put on my big girl draws and deal with it. It isn’t high school a period in my life I have no desire to repeat.

I thought this city was big enough. I guess not!!!


A Partner Appears

Talking to a close friend I found my partner in my working with the law journey. I just felt the vibe that she would make the perfect fit for this mission. I explained to her what I was trying to do. She was immediately excited.

Jackpot I found my partner. I ordered her the book working with the law immediately off Amazon. We planned to have a phone meeting once a week. The first thing was to find exercises to practice working our minds. I knew I needed something to jump start this process. Her first contribution was change the channel. When we have negative thoughts to change the channel and replace it with a positive one. I still didn’t have the fire but hoping this would help.


My choice of a partner turned out to be a great decision. We had a lot of hits and misses with our weekly meeting.

Thanksgiving was coming and my partner was going out of town for a much needed vacation. She went to visit a friend in Florida. She came back with something that was going to bring us to the next step. I can do it by Louise Hay. The book was given to her by a friend on her trip.

She couldn’t wait to tell me what happened. She was telling me how success and happiness of her friend’s life. Her friend gave her the book unaware of the journey we were on. My partner was beyond excited. This immediately got me excited.

The law of attraction had to be working. Randomly she was given a book that we needed to continue our work. The book came with a CD

The Fire Dies

Several months of working with the law has changed my life. The problem was I was not working it with as much enthusiasm and fire as when I started. I could make excuses but the truth is I got lazy. In the book, working with the Law, it expresses practice. Working the muscle of the brain needs to be constant in my life. My negative thoughts were out weighting my positive ones. I wasn’t even trying after awhile. I needed to regroup and start over. I than had to go home to Boston for a funeral then positive thinking went totally out the window. Family and drama is not a recipe for positive thinking. I felt I needed a partner to help me stay motivated. I was on a mission to kick myself in the ass.

I actually saw a lot of positive changes in my life. I guess it is like exercise then you fall off the wagon. So I need a partner to get me jump started. She needs to believe this is possible. Also have the desire to go on this journey with me.  Wish me luck!!!