Can’t I have anything?

I joined this meet up group. I have been to one event.  I had planned to make there events part of my regular social calendar. I had a decent time minus one incident. I’m trying to forget that incident which had nothing to do with the group. So I wanted to relax this weekend and miss two events.

I went online to check out the pictures to see who showed up. My mouth dropped. My co-worker was a member. I guess that wouldn’t be a big deal if this was someone I could see myself socializing with. Also I’m private at work. I try not to mix professional and private. Correction I learned my lesson not to mix professional and private. That is an entire different story.

I share selectivity and only with certain people in the workplace.  The major issue is this person has a big mouth. There entire life story is all over the office. I’m not going to be chased out. I really enjoyed the people in the group. I am going to put on my big girl draws and deal with it. It isn’t high school a period in my life I have no desire to repeat.

I thought this city was big enough. I guess not!!!


2 thoughts on “Can’t I have anything?

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sounds like we have some similarities in the family experience. Good luck on your journey towards becoming and SMC.

    • I do believe we have alot in common. I am going to a seminar at a fertility clinic this week hopefully. See what my options are. Hopefully I can just do IUI. Which I believe I don’t have any fertility problems but you never know.

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