The Other Shoe Dropped

Actually the shoe got thrown out the window. I was so excited about this date. I was clearly caught up in the fantasy this dude was trying to create for me. I already knew going in he was not a looker from his picture. I got over that with his personality and all he had to offer. I bought a new outfit and I was looking good. I looked in my mirror for about an hour trying to make sure I was perfect.

Then I talked to him and he moved the date back a half an hour. I should have known that was not a good sign. I get to the restaurant and he gave me a strange hug. It felt like a hug another guy would give a buddy. I was like ok not sure what that meant. We were seated in minutes and it went downhill from there. This man would not look at me in my face. He looked over my head to the left to the right never in my eyes. I am like what the hell; even if he isn’t interested in me can we have a damn conversation. Shit we were talking for over a week nonstop. No luck with that. Then the restaurant was loud it was Easter and he was mumbling when he spoke. I had no idea what he was saying. Ok I couldn’t wait to get this over with. Then he tells me he actually does not live in the Atlanta area. He actually lives two hours away. Now why would this fool wait until now to tell me this? I asked him specifically what area he lived in and it was twenty min from me. Not two damn hours. He tried to insinuate I misheard him. Clearly he didn’t know this is not my first time to the rodeo. He straight up lied. I tried to ask him what was up with the lying. With the head moving every direction but in my face and the mumbling I thought fuck it. I am never going to see this man again. So disappointed I went home depressed and frustrated. What the hell. I have met cool folks on the net. My new guy friend we will call him T. We hang out go to dinner and have a good time. I am not his type of woman which I declared for him and that is fine. We talk and have a good time never the less. Also I know a bunch of decent guys that are acquaintances that are online. I seem to meet the crazy ones that are interested in me. Or have some severe social skills issues that they might need medication for. My dog must have senses my mood because I woke up with him curled next to me. I am glad someone cares. Even thought he is more concerned if I give him a bone every day. I am going to keep hope alive because you never know. Someone gave me the advice to do what you love and you will meet people that way. Well I am a homebody so unless a man is going to jump through my DVD player or my computer because my hobby is to write then I don’t see that working. I am going out next Friday with a friend and see what life brings me.

I will tell you if some money came into my world as I said in the prior blog I would move home have two kids. A man in my world would be very low on my list.


4 thoughts on “The Other Shoe Dropped

    • You and me both. A friend told me years ago dating is like a war and you try and avoid the Bombs. I got ambushed. Now I have to dust myself off and regroup. LOL

  1. That sucks! I’m so sorry he was such a disappointment. His behavior sounds bizarre – was he just able to put on a good front on the phone and seem like a good guy? I’m so annoyed for you. I totally relate to the money thing – if I had the money right now, I would be getting an IVF.

    • I know money is a big factor. I went to the reproductive place and they so quick to finance 20k. I am thinking to myself if I had 20K I would be out of my present debt. Not creating 20K more debt and the debt of a child on top of it. It is depressing.

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