Decisions, Decisions

Well Mr. Ex who might be Mr. Back in my life is out of the country.  He will not be back for two weeks. He actually was doing a great job of keeping in contact then in our previous relationship. He had to go out of the country for work.  I knew I wouldn’t be talking to him. His cell phone is not international. He was supposed to be emailing. Not sure what has happened with that. I have not received an email. Oh well living life doing my own thing. We will see what happens when he gets back.  I am not sweating the small things anymore.

I went to a seminar at the Feminist Woman’s Center in Atlanta. They have a small reproductive program. I even told him that is where I was going.  I have been honest with him concerning my plan to be a mother. Regardless of what happens with him and me. Now it would be nice if we work out and he can be my partner in my dream.  I have to do what I have to do.

I really liked this place. It is geared to lesbians and single mothers by choice. When I went to Georgia Reproductive I was surrounded by couples trying to get pregnant. Now at this Woman’s Center I am again surrounded by couples trying to get pregnant. Granted these are lesbian women that were referring to each other as their partners.  I was thinking it seems like everyone has a partner but me. I called my neighbor and said you should have come and faked to be my partner. We both shared a good laugh.

Ok I am single no partner at the moment. I have a possibility of a partner which is very new situation which I am trying to stay positive about.

So my plan B. If Mr. Ex doesn’t turn into a relationship, I am laying down the credit card and getting knocked up. Granted my biggest worry has always been spending money I don’t have. I have to say at this moment I don’t care. I will work it out later. I told my aunt that if Mr. Man doesn’t work out, I will be getting pregnant and moving back home.

She was shocked by my declaration but liked the idea for her selfish reason. I know I am missed by my family. I know coming home regardless of the drama that family brings. I will have a support system to help me with my child. Babies tend to bring new life to families. I know a child of mine would do that for my little family.  I really do like the Woman’s clinic reproductive program. First it is half the price of the big reproductive centers in Atlanta. Second they seem to really care and not just in it for a check. The counselor of the program had two children through the program. That gave me the personal touch that I desire. My thoughts are all over the place. I am trying to feel good about the weekend coming to an end and going to work tomorrow. It is not going well but I do appreciate having a job, especially in the economy. That fact of appreciation still does not make me thrilled that the weekend is almost over.


2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I went with my girlfriend to the clinic’s info night, and everyone just assumed we were a couple. Only the nurses knew we weren’t. she said I looked offended and that I could do worse. I’m glad you had a good experience, that makes a huge difference. Sounds like you’re on the way. Good luck!

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