Life is always interesting!!

Well the new man in my life has surprised me.  He is more attentive then before. I hear from him daily, sometimes twice a day.  I couldn’t ask for more. I have to say the attention is nice.  We have been out several times. We also spent about six hours hanging out on Sunday. We still haven’t classified it as a relationship. Which I could care less about the classification I am just enjoying the moment.

The surprising thing about this whole situation is we are officially trying to get pregnant.  Certain people think I am crazy.  I don’t care what they think. We talked about it and he desires children and so do I.  Shit I was about to charge my credit cards to the max to have a baby.  Now I have a willing participant, which I happen to have known for ten years. Plus regular sex in my life would be great in my opinion. Which is a lot more fun than an doctor’s office.  The funny thing is this is my first time having unprotected sex. This should be interesting.

Now I could be asking for some major issues later. I can’t predict the future nor do I want to. I am going to take it one day at time.  A friend of mine feels I am doing this backwards. My answer to her is I been trying to do this the right way for over fifteen years. I have had no luck. So I am going to get what I want period. A beautiful relationship comes with it than yah me.

The hard part of this whole thing is Mr. Man job. It has him in and out of the state all the time. So timing could be a big issue. Wish me luck.