I am about to explode

I have been having stomach issues. The gas is out of control. This might be a very TMI blog. Feel free to skip. I have had gas issues for about five days.

For anyone who has had this issues. You know I am in pain, doubled over pain. Then the embarrassing farting and burping started. I am glad it is just me and the dog. I was still embarrassed every time the dog looked at me like what is that. I thank god it was happening because it gave me some relief. It took the gas out of my stomach. Thank god the boyfriend has been out of town on work projects.

If I told him not to come over he would have knew something was up. I tried everything over the counter Antacids, Peto, Gasx. Nothing was really working. I even got some ginger ale. That just made me burp more.

I woke up in no condition to go to work. The gas issue has turned into diarrhea issues. I can handle a lot of things in the work place. That is not one of them. I called in. The dog and I slept for a few hours. I called the boyfriend and left a message I was sick and not going to work. His text me back because he was in a meeting. He asked if I was pregnant. It did run through my mind but that would be a real early sign.

I have had gas issues before. Just not to this magnitude. Usually one of the over the counter meds would have worked. Also it has never lasted this long.

You know where I turned to for answers. I went to the internet of course. Not always the best choice but my usual choice. The question is excessive gas an early sign of pregnancy.  I got yes and no from my internet search. The funny thing was a pregnancy test was taken at the Gynecologist last week.  I got a negative result which was not surprising. It still could be wrong it wasn’t a blood test. Plus I am addicted to that show I didn’t know I was pregnant. I am keeping my fingers crossed with the possibility.


OPK Hell!!

Why do I always have issues? Last month I bought the cheap ovulation kit. Those two lines were driving me crazy. I would see faint lines. I would stare at it and wonder what does this crap mean.

It all started when I was in the Wal-Mart line. The ovulation kits were behind the counter. I had to ask the clerk to tell me the prices.  My face must have shown my horror because of the high price. The clerk offered the equate version. I was telling my friend I can’t tell if I ovulated or not. She told me I shouldn’t have been cheap. She must not know me cheap is my middle name. LOL!!!

Clear Blue Easy digital here I come. So this month I bought the famed Clear Blue Easy Ovulation kit.  I am still not happy. I have not gotten a smiley face. I was testing for over a week. The calculations on the box, I have a regular 28 day cycle then I should ovulate around the 15 day. Well that went out the window. I think I am on the 20th day and no smiley face. Where the hell is my smiley face?

Do I need more problems? You know this drives me crazy. Now I am all over the internet for others that didn’t get the smiley face. Here are the few things per the internet could be the problem.

1)    I might not ovulate. Even though the RE told me 90% of the time if I have a regular period I ovulate.

2)    I could be testing at the wrong time. Clear Blue Easy says you can test any time. http://www.Peeonastick.com says you should test in the afternoon or evening or you could miss your LH surge.

Who the hell knows? I know I don’t need any more problems. The Gynecologist told me to chart my period using the basal temp.  I have to have three months of information then we will work on a protocol.

All this crap needs to be easier. All this puts me into hypochondriac mode. I swear nothing can be easy in my world.


I am in love!!! I wish I knew about this before. A friend gave me a referral to her acupuncturist. She used it for her IVF cycle. It was also very reasonable $50.00 for the initial consultation, and $45.00 for each additional visit. I didn’t know what to expect. I was game and ready for my appointment. I have to admit I was nervous.

He explained the whole process then left the room for me to get ready. I did feel the needles but they didn’t hurt. The needles were put in my abdomen and my feet. Several were put in my wrist. Then he turned on some light music and left the room for twenty min.

I was so relax. My eyelids were getting heavy. I was shocked I stayed awake until he got back. The next step was heat he used around my feet and ankles. Then I had a deep back massage with oils.  He rolled hot rocks up and down my back. Talk about heaven.

I would have to say that was worth more than $50.00 in my book. I do appreciate the low price. I left there with an acupuncture addiction. I know I am going back.  I wish I could go once a week. The budget would not handle that at the moment. I digress!!!

I was told I had good CHI. I am not sure what that means. It sounded good. They seemed to have no reservations about me getting pregnant. I was also given herbs to help me with ovulation.

I purchased Clear Blue Easy Ovulation Kit. Damn it was expensive!!  I ran into to my neighbor and told him about my acupuncture appointment. He said “you are not playing about having a baby”.  I told him I am trying to make this happen. I wish it was easier and not so stressful. I need to stop reading these blogs on women with fertility issues. Hopefully the acupuncture will help me relax. I plan to go back next week.

Allot has happened

I was asked when I was going to update my blog. I was thrown back someone wanted to hear what’s going on in my brain. This really put a smile on my face.

Well I am not pregnant. I have to say I was disappointed. I was more disappointed than I expected to be.

I took a free AMH test. Which I scored .72. I didn’t know exactly what that meant. I knew it wasn’t good.

I freaked out. I cried in a way, I scared myself. I accepted the no husband possibility. The no children possibility was incomprehensible. I called the now boyfriend. (Yes it is official, I am in a relationship)

I was sobbing. He travels for his job and was in Tenn. He said he would be at my house the next day.  He drove four hours to drive back that night because I was upset. I have to say he warmed my heart. He made that drive just because I was crying. I felt guilty for him making that drive. Now I have no more questions that he cares about me.

So I made an appointment with the RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist)

I needed some answers. Well she said she put a sad face next to people with a low AMH level. Oh lawd this was not what I wanted to hear. Then she said all this number means is I will go through metapause early. She wanted me to take more test. I have to say I am not ready for that.

The boyfriend and I are working on the baby making. I did make an appointment with a Gynecologist/OB. My internal medicine doctor is not going to get it done. He even admitted to me over the phone these issues are out of his league. So I have a boyfriend now. That has been a long time coming. I am enjoying it. He does have a job that he not around much. We do talk every day. He also surprised me last week and took me out.

This is our second time at this. I met him ten year ago on match.com. This time around I am not stressing. I am going with the flow. I’m not over analyzing anything. To be honest I am ecstatic to be working on a baby. It is obvious he cares and for today that is all I need. We will see about tomorrow. There’s only two day that are not important, yesterday and tomorrow. Yesterday I can’t change and tomorrow I can’t predict.

I just need his work schedule to work with my ovulations and all will be good in the world.