I am in love!!! I wish I knew about this before. A friend gave me a referral to her acupuncturist. She used it for her IVF cycle. It was also very reasonable $50.00 for the initial consultation, and $45.00 for each additional visit. I didn’t know what to expect. I was game and ready for my appointment. I have to admit I was nervous.

He explained the whole process then left the room for me to get ready. I did feel the needles but they didn’t hurt. The needles were put in my abdomen and my feet. Several were put in my wrist. Then he turned on some light music and left the room for twenty min.

I was so relax. My eyelids were getting heavy. I was shocked I stayed awake until he got back. The next step was heat he used around my feet and ankles. Then I had a deep back massage with oils.  He rolled hot rocks up and down my back. Talk about heaven.

I would have to say that was worth more than $50.00 in my book. I do appreciate the low price. I left there with an acupuncture addiction. I know I am going back.  I wish I could go once a week. The budget would not handle that at the moment. I digress!!!

I was told I had good CHI. I am not sure what that means. It sounded good. They seemed to have no reservations about me getting pregnant. I was also given herbs to help me with ovulation.

I purchased Clear Blue Easy Ovulation Kit. Damn it was expensive!!  I ran into to my neighbor and told him about my acupuncture appointment. He said “you are not playing about having a baby”.  I told him I am trying to make this happen. I wish it was easier and not so stressful. I need to stop reading these blogs on women with fertility issues. Hopefully the acupuncture will help me relax. I plan to go back next week.

5 thoughts on “Acupuncture

  1. Congratulations on starting acupuncture! That price is really good! I could not find anything that cheap around here. My guy is helping me pay though so I am going to do it. I’m like you right now and pulling out all the stops to support conceiving naturally as far as supplements (have you heard of COQ10 and DHEA?) and acupuncture and charting/using OPKs, etc. I buy the cheap OPK sticks off the internet and they work great for me. Anyway, we are ttc buddies! 🙂 Sending you good wishes!!!

    • I never heard of COQ10 and DHEA. Sounds like K into to look into it. I am glad you have a guy to help. I never even asked my guy. He thinks I am overreacting. Typical Man!!

      • I know what you mean about men. This guy I’m with now is a change of pace in that way, which is lucky for me because I could not do those things on my own, he needs to be on board! Yeah, I would look into the DHEA and COQ10 supplements. Here are a couple of websites:

        Right now, I am taking 400 mg of COQ10 in the morning and 50 mg of DHEA with lunch. I’m reading that it might be better to space them out to 2 or 3 times a day but also read that it’s ok to take it all at once. I think with the DHEA study they took 75 mg divided up to 25 mg for 3x a day if that makes sense. Anyway, I’m excited about what I read on these supplements – it’s the first thing I’ve read about supplements proving to increase egg quality for older women.

  2. I felt relaxed just reading that. I think I should go as well because my insurance covers it. I had to stop blogging and reading them while I was pregnant because I was driving myself crazy. You might have to give yourself a break from the same or just read the ones where it only took a couple of tries and they got pregnant. Good luck. When I read the first line I thought OMG she’s getting married…lol 🙂

    • No not married. That was funny. I let go of the married dreams. But it is so funny now that I told my friends I want a baby. If the man comes with it cool. But the baby is really what I want. They are now all praying that I get married to him. LOL You should go for it. It is really worth it!!!

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