Life and all it dramas

air conditioner

Image by Rob Ireton via Flickr

The last week has been beyond crazy. My AC went last Sunday. I grew up in a city with one AC window unit in the whole house.  A city that has old electrical wires.  The unit was in my grandmother’s room. If you were to hot you could always go in there and sleep on the floor. Other than that a fan in the window is what you were left with. It blew hot air and you just survived.

Since I grew up in Massachusetts the summers never lasted too long. Now living in Georgia I have central air. It has made me very spoiled. So when my AC went, I thought I could handle it. Many summers with city heat and a fan I would make it through. Well that went out the window the first night. My dog and I posted up on the couch on the first floor. The thought being that heat rises and it would be cooler. I was sweating my ass off. My dog acted like he couldn’t breathe. I had exactly two hours of sleep. I woke up not only tried, but drenched in sweat. I knew I needed to make other arrangements.

Thank god I have friends. A friend offered her home to my dog and I. Honestly I had many places I could stay. They are not pet friendly. My dog not being totally trained does not make him the greatest house guest. I am a dog owner so I couldn’t leave him in this mess. The kindness of friends saved me this week and I am greatly appreciative. They have a dog also, so my dog was welcomed.

I would have rather stayed at the boyfriend’s house. He was out-of-town all week for work.

Now the issues that came down the pike, first off we had a heat wave. Then my warranty company wanted to take several days to decide what they wanted to do. Now I have had this home warranty for eight years. I cannot fix anything. So yes I pay the absorbent amount yearly to have less drama when it comes to things breaking in my house.

Well I was in customer service hell. Then the boyfriend was asking a lot of technical questions that I had no answers. I was getting angry so I asked him if he wanted to call them himself. I was shocked when he said yes I will call them.

He called and got all his questions answers. Then he immediately called me back and was not happy. His words were “Let me work my magic”.

He found the email address of a VP at my warranty company. This was after four days of dealing with them and their crap. One hour after the email was sent. I received a call from my warranty company. I just got of phone with one of their customer service reps that informed me they wouldn’t get the parts for eight more days.

I was shocked they were now calling me. One hour after the email was sent. Well that email put a fire under someone’s ass. I was informed that it would be handled very quickly. I told the man I just got off the phone with your company and they said eight more days. He said they were wrong and he would handle it. I asked how he came across my information. He said he received my email.

Things moved very fast after that. It was fixed in two days. I have to say I was in boyfriend bliss. This is the first time a man took charge and handled things for me. I enjoyed every minute of it. He felt very bad he wasn’t home so I could have stayed with him this week. He is not a dog person but accepts my five-pound dog. Even thought my dog does not like him at all. He made up for it with emailing the right person. He passed through on the day it was fixed and checked out the work.

Even thought he is not around much he really showed me he cared.


2 thoughts on “Life and all it dramas

  1. Girl I got all swoony just reading that. I have a new house and spend most of my days yelling at various people to come fix there crap. Yet another reason why it’s sometimes good to have a man around. Glad things worked out. I’d lose my mind if it wasn’t for my central air.

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