Unnecessary Test

I don’t understand what is going on in my world lately.  I went to the gynecologist. I spent a painstaking week making sure my medical records to be transferred. I was going for family planning with my next steps of trying to have a baby.

I get to this appointment and was very pissed off with the wait. Then when I am seen by the doctor he tells me all my records were not sent. I was beyond pissed. I made many phone calls to make sure those records were sent. I even called this doctors secretary to make sure he had it. She said yes. I should have known this was about to go badly.

He wanted to do a pap smear. I asked why I already had one. He claimed it didn’t show these cells that he wanted to see. The records that were sent over did have my lab work. Then I asked him if my insurance will pay for it. He says yes because it was because he sees something wrong with the test.

Now weeks later I get a bill from the lab. It includes tests I did not authorize. I also called his office last week because my insurance company said they were not paying for the pap smear.  I receive an email from insurance company when a claim is submitted. It looks like the nurse did a regular annual tests and not just this pap he told me was being done.

I called the woman doing medical billing about the pap issues. After I called my insurance company they said she put it under regular annual codes. If it was done special she needs to put it under that code.  She agreed to resubmit it. It sounded like I was bothering her.

Now on Saturday I get another bill for test I had no idea were being done. Now I have to call them on Monday to deal with this issue. I am hoping it will not be drama and they will deal with it.  If not, I am not taking this crap lying down. I don’t have money just to give away for test I did not ask for.

I left that appointment being told to take my basal temperature for the next three months.  He also wanted me to take a HSG test. I didn’t need to go to him for that.


2 thoughts on “Unnecessary Test

  1. The whole insurance thing makes my head spin. I would go crazy. I hope they get their act together and don’t cause you any more money.

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