Backwards Lottery

It is so funny when I ask someone what they would do if they won the lottery. Then I ask do they play and they say “NO”. I think it is comical.  They don’t put in the ring but fantasize about winning. I put my hat in and enjoy fantasizing.

The way I play the lottery people find strange.  I play the big lottery at work for several reasons. First being if they win and I didn’t put in my two dollars I would be ready to slit my wrists. Second it is a shot in hell to win that thing. Occasionally I play on my own but rarely.

I do play scratch tickets. In my logic I have a better chance of winning. Scratch tickets are only for the state I am in. Using my C- in statistics I have a better chance of winning. I have won up to five hundred dollars. Not the big pay day I was looking for, but extra money is always a plus.

Years ago my aunt told me to look online to see if all the top prizes have been claimed. You could be buying scratch tickets that you have no chance to win because all the top prizes have been dished out. So I look at the website and see which game has the most chances to win the top prizes.

The strange part is I usually don’t scratch them for several months. No one understands my logic with this. I wait until I have a bad day. Then I scratch a ticket. It could turn my frown upside down. Last night the boyfriend wanted me to scratch my tickets. We fantasized about what we would do if I won the five million dollar grand prize. I still didn’t scratch it. I was having a pretty good day. He was a little disappointed but hey it is my ticket.

Well the fantasy involved me getting IVF and being a stay at home mom. While he change careers and becomes a math teacher. All sounded good to me. Winning ticket here I come!!!!


8 thoughts on “Backwards Lottery

  1. Three of my friends and I started a pool in the hopes of leaving our jobs. We are still waiting. It’s nice to dream though. Good luck with your ticket.

      • I know I watch the show the lottery changed my life, and think yeah that could be me. Your friend who doesn’t have a will is crazy. I had mine done at 20 weeks. I figured just in case she made it and I didn’t at least I knew she would be well taken care of by the people I wanted to be her guardians. The last thing I wanted was either of my two horrible sisters having her.

      • I agree with you about the lack of will. It is crazy!! My mom made the comment that she would raise my children if something happened to me. I told her I picked my cousin. She was surprised but not upset. I don’t have any siblings and he is the closest thing to it. We were raised together. I also told my cousin he would be my children guardian if anything happened. Now I just need the babies I want. 🙂

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