Insurance Companies Are USELESS!!!

Health Insurance

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

I wrote a letter to my health insurance company explaining my medical fraud experience. Ok they denied my complaint. I was pissed. This doctor did tests I did not authorize. Then you wonder why medical is plum crazy. It is not the doctors it the damn insurance companies. How about looking into fraud and maybe we can cut down some of these cost.

They will pay attention when it is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not my two hundred bucks. That clearly is not worth their time. So my next stop is the insurance commissioner. I was going to write that letter this weekend. I totally forgot until Sunday night. So I left it for today when I get home from work. My mind will be clear. All this drama!! I am sick of them always trying to drain the little people. The middle class, the working poor. We have to fight for everything and get absolutely no handouts.

I swear my friends think I have so much money because I am single. That is far from the truth. They have two income to work with.  A roof over your head is usually a third of your income. Granted people who have more money tend to spend more money.  I have a decent job with decent pay. With this economy all I see is everything going up but my paycheck. I don’t know why I am complaining no one is listening. Well I guess that is what a blog is for to complain!!


2 thoughts on “Insurance Companies Are USELESS!!!

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