Soy Isoflavones

I am still on my baby mission. I told a few people about my lack of success getting clomid. I never had a regular gynecologist. I always had my exams from an internal medicine doctor.  Everything always came back great so I never worried about it. One of my friends made a big deal about seeing a gyno. So I made an appointment a few years ago. They didn’t do anything different so I just went back to my internal medicine doctor. The doctor I have been seeing for years told me he did not feel comfortable giving it to me.

Now I regret that decision of not having a gyno. I wanted clomid to continue on my baby mission. I know I might be putting the cart before the horse, but I noticed gyno hand out clomid like candy. Except to me that is!!! The medical fraud dude would do unnecessary testing, but when I asked for a prescription to clomid he looked at me with three heads. Go figure. I guess he only wants to be shady when it benefits him.

Well Soy isoflavone is my new obsession. It is supposed to be the natural clomid. It is used for menopause. Someone found out (don’t ask me who) that if you take it in high doses on specific days like you would clomid it works the same. When I heard that news I was beyond excited. In the wake of my co-worker getting clomid very easily from her internal medicine doctor. I don’t understand when I do something it turns complicated and just handed to others. Now I am dealing with a two hundred dollar bill for nothing. She just asks her doctor and gets the clomid that cost her nine dollars. Go figure it is my crazy luck.

I need to do more research and see how I am going to take this soy stuff. To baby success!!. I am nervous about twins. On one hand it would be a good thing. I can close down shop and have my two kids. On the other hand affording twins could leave me in the poor house. Daycare for one is ridiculous. I guess I will deal with what ever god gives me. Even if I end up back home with my parents in bankruptcy LOL!! Did I mention my mom is  a twin. Also twins run in my family like mad, on both my mothers and father family.

I will keep you posted on my Soy isoflavone mission. The second issues is getting boyfriend in town during the fertile period. Wish me luck!!

8 thoughts on “Soy Isoflavones

  1. Wow, thanks for the tip. I too got denied Clomid by my GP who said that she didn’t prescribe it in general practice, that she thought it was only supposed to be prescribed under the watchful eye of a fertility clinic in case of multiple births. But my friend got it from her GP with no problems! How is that fair?

    I’m going to google Soy Isoflavones and see how I get on.

    Best of luck chica : )

    • The funny thing is some doctors it is not a big to prescribe clomid. Others act like it is crack of something. From what I read if you have any problems just stop taking it. I guess I am not the only one having issues with these doctors.

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