I talked to much!!

I talk to much. I swear I let my mouth get the best of me. I don’t think I said anything to out the way. I just wish I shut my mouth. Do you ever have that moment when you wish you could do a take back. That is what I wished, oh well I got to live with it. A small part that I wish I could take back is I  mention to my boss I have a boyfriend. Which I have kept secret for a long while. It was something I didn’t want the entire office to know.

I still don’t want to be part of the office gossip so I told her this was not meant for the entire office. She asked me if we were getting married. Here is the question again. The one I just state in my previous blog drives me up a wall. I just came out with I am not sure about the marriage but I will have a baby. I through her off with that one.

It turned into an interesting convo and she saw my point. She said if I came into the office pregnant she would fall out. I should have kept my mouth shut and now I hope nothing I said will bite me in the ass.  What she doesn’t know is getting pregnant is exactly what I am planning to happen. Hopefully sooner than later.

This would be the perfect time for my lottery ticket to be a winner. Than I would not be working and I wouldn’t care what I said. I still haven’t checked the amount. I will do it this Sunday. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I talked to much!!

  1. Curious, what did she see your point on? About not getting married before getting preggo? So wouldn’t she guess that’s what you’re trying to do? Sorry I got a little lost. 😛 Go lottery!!! I hope you win big! In the lottery and in the game of ttc! I guess we will both know on this cycle pretty soon.

    • She saw my point of wanting children regardless of getting married. She is in her 50’s with no children and had never been married. I told her I could see the children before I could see the marriage. I think because of her circumstances she could see where I was coming from.

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