Thank God it is Friday!!

I swear I been waiting for Friday since I walked into work on Monday. I don’t have big plans for the weekend. I just want to rest and chill. I convinced a few friends to hit up the acupuncture with me. They are going for different reason. We all know I am going for my reproductive success. I think one of my friends is going for her back and the other for general health. It is funny my acupunturist said to me ” China is over populated they must be doing something right.”  I thought that was hilarious but also true.

I had to console a friend recently. I do not believe doctors know everything. Her baby success is possible no matter what a doctor says. They do not know everything. I remember with my neurological condition I was told the doctors practice medicine. Meaning they don’t always have the answer they are just practicing. Which I think is true or their wouldn’t be that easy out called unexplained infertility. Sometimes reading stories online can be so depressing. I also wonder if people share more sob stories than success stories?

I bought all these supplements I need to figure out how and when I am going to take them. I read DHEA can give you insomnia. That is something I don’t need. Before I take anything I going to do a pregnancy test. The deed was done a few days after my ovulation, but hey you never know. I don’t want to take anything that could hurt a baby if there is one. 🙂 wishful thinking but you never know.

As you can see I been doing a whole lot better with updating my blog. I started to notice I tune into a lot of blogs. I get disappointed when I don’t get that next nugget of their lives. I hate reality TV but I love you tube and my blogs that I ready daily. I feel reality TV is staged and rehearsed.  Nothing eventful is going on in my life these days.

I know a child will bring a lot of excitement. I talk to my co workers about her sons daily and they are just too much. How I would love to be enlightened and shocked by my child. Boyfriend and I are doing greatly lately. I am going to stay optimistic that we have gotten on a good road. I want the GPS to stay on the right track and not revert back to us arguing.

The few people who know about this relationship keep asking me if we will get married. That is not the first thing on my mind. I actually don’t want to hear the question anymore. I am no longer worried about marriage. I have several friends in marriages that are not that great. I will say I wouldn’t mind being married. If it doesn’t happen I am cool with that too. I will not beg or threaten a man to do something he does not want to do.

As far as the baby thing. I was willing to go into debt to pay for insemination and all the above to have a baby. So I don’t care that I am working on the baby before any marriage proposal. I told my friend you know how much this man sperm would be if I bought it from a sperm bank? He has a BA in Engineering and a Masters in Math. He also wants to see his child. We are talking 600 bucks easily per vile. I am making out like a bandit and having fun at the same time.  Do I have feeling for this man? Yes! If he asked me to marry him what would my answer be? It would be YES!!!!

If he doesn’t ask and I end up with a baby looking at me with his eyes and my smile than I will be equally blessed.  It is funny some of these women act like I am turning away a husband. He hasn’t asked end of subject!!!


One thought on “Thank God it is Friday!!

  1. I remember when I first bought my sperm I looked at my credit card statement and thought, I remember when I used to get this stuff for free.

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