Uneventfull Saturday

Nothing to do today. Boyfriend is out-of-town and possible will be here tonight. I was invited to a fight party, to be honest I am not into boxing. I use to go to these events to meet men. Now that I have a man, I will have to be honest about my motives. So no fight party for me. I do have a girls day at acupuncture to look forward to tomorrow. All in all I am boring. It is kind of pitiful how boring I really am. The funny thing is I have a ton of projects I could be working. I am boring and lazy. I am glad I know myself. Boyfriend and I went to see Colombiana last weekend. Pretty decent movie. Boyfriend didn’t fall asleep, so the movie had to be decent. It was a nice date night considering we don’t have many due to his job.

Life is pretty good. I have great friends. Especially the ones who got me through my diarrhea of the mouth yesterday. I broke my year streak of not saying anything I regret. Well I am starting the clock over again today. Keep my eyes on my own plate and stop worrying about other people. I still haven’t figure out what mg to take of this supplements and win. I need to work all that out this weekend. AF should be here on Sunday. If not AF first thing is a pregnancy test.

So I am at a stand still with my TTC.


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