Finally Friday

I am so happy it is Friday!!! I hope I get a nap in this weekend. I have been so tired lately. I have no idea if it is the isoflavones that has kicked my butt. My five days of taking them are over. Now we will see if I get the BFP like the other stories I have read.

I am staying positive that my constantly traveling boyfriend will be in town. Or close enough to drive when I get the double lines. Yes I said drive. I am pushing for this so efforts need to be made. One time I was going to go on one of his work trips. I had no one to take my dog. Well I could have asked one couple but it was so last minute. Boyfriend tried to find a motel that would let me bring my pain in the ass dog. No luck on that one so no dice.

My co-worker and I are obsessed with getting pregnant. Well I am more obsessed and taking her along for the ride. It is nice to have people on the same page.

I am hitting a club this weekend. I am a little self conscious. I haven’t been to a club in a long damn time. I am not buying anything new. I use to do that for going out. Since I have a man presently no new purchases will be made. Purchases were made when I was looking for a man. That is the logic I would use when putting down the plastic for an outfit I would wear once maybe twice.

It is my friend’s birthday. I have no idea what to get her. She is an easy friend and appreciate anything. I have to work my brain. I usually get her something inexpensive that she can use. My mind has been blank. It isn’t that big of deal. We don’t exchange gifts all the time. I might just buy her a drink at the club. Maybe I will be her designated driver. That could be a great birthday present. I don’t drink so it wouldn’t be a big deal for me.

Five is not coming quick enough. I can’t wait to get into traffic and feel free for a couple of days. God please let this weekend go slow!!! I am no rush to get back to work!!!

3 thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. Have fun at the club! You’re funny about the clothes re since you have your boyfriend, you won’t bother. I wouldn’t bother even if I didn’t have a boyfriend lol, so you’re better in the dressing department than me! This soy isoflavones thing is very interesting – I may look into it at some point. I hope it works for you!! This cycle I am taking Letrozole (Femara brand name).

    • Wow I hear Femara is good. I will keep you posted on the soy. The boyfriend is out of town this weekend. He is going to be on notice when I get the happy face. When I was looking for a man I always cleaned up. I am glad my boyfriend is not big on a woman into fashion. I would rather be in jeans and a tee shirt. He has no problem with that. Thank god

      • That’s cool that your bf is not into fashion. Ironically, my bf IS into me dressing up so I do it occasionally to please him. lol I’m a more casual gal, like you, myself. I’m hoping you get that happy face!!

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