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I swear I been thinking about all the choices I made in my life. One choice put my life on the track it is at present. If I could re write history what would I change? Where would I be now? Mysteries of the world that will never be answered. I have seen a few movies with changing the past as the plot. They never seem to end up happy and want the past change right back.

I do believe I learned from my past experiences. I still wish I did many things differently. Will I be happy with the future out come?  Who the hell knows. Hindsight is 20/20.

I told my father I was working on having a baby. He was excited. He was the last family member who this would affect. I don’t know why I waited to tell him. My dad is an easy-going guy. He told me after I graduated college he didn’t care what I did after that point. It sounds bad, but my dad has a GED and was beyond proud that I had a college degree. So I guess at that point there wasn’t anything possible that I could do to disappoint him.

He still wants me to move back home. I miss Boston but it isn’t calling me as much as it use to. My mission of this baby is calling more than anything. My father and I talked about the twin thing. With my mom being a twin. Also my fathers aunt having two sets of twins. YES I am nervous about that. It also keeps coming up!!!

Hopefully children will get my parents to visit more. Once in ten years they step into this state to see me. Very pathetic I might add. They rather I come home than they make it down here. Very selfish in my opinion. Well they are old I can’t change them. I just have to work with it.

3 thoughts on “Consequences

  1. Curious about the one choice that put your life on the track it’s on now? I think about that too, in fact interestingly, I was thinking about it this morning!
    I’m glad you’re Dad was positive and supportive. I’m more open to twins if I have a partner, but I would be nervous about having them as a single mother. I would totally do it though, if that’s what life brought me.

      • Yeah, I bet it would be! I can’t remember if you said what prompted you to move. Anyway, I hear you about the switch being flipped on and you feeling ready to be a Mom. Oh, yeah, and my parents never come from Oregon to visit me down in Cali either. I’m sure kids would make a difference for you in that regard, though they should visit you anyway!

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