Prosperity Fast

I know this will interest some, and will not interest others. I will begin with I met this guy who told me I had positive energy. Yeah I know it sounds hookie. That is what I thought at first also. Then he told me about the movie The Secret. Which I remember my mother saying something about years ago.  He continued to tell me that the movie didn’t give all the needed information. It gave you a glimpse into the Law of Attraction Powers. He bought me a book Working with the law. The 11 truth principles by Raymond Holliwell. Yes I was shocked this guy I went on one date wanted to buy me a book.

We have lost contact but his impression on me has lasted. When I was focussed on being positive, Positive things happened. I was practicing with enthusiasm back then. I swear several positive things happened. I couldn’t believe my luck at the time. Or was it luck?  My mind was creating positives in my life. My practicing of it went down the drain but it did take a while. I want it back. I need some positives in my life. Not the negatives I am sure my brain is creating.

So I copied it in this post. If you are interested give it a try. Be sure to let me know what happened if anything. 🙂

Someone at my job asked me to join a prosperity fast. You have to read this for 40 days.

Prosperity  Affirmation
Read  Every Day for 40 Days
I am the source of  all wealth. I am rich with creative ideas.My mind abounds with new,original,inspired thoughts.What I have to offer is unique,and the world desires it.
My value is beyond reckoning.What the world needs and desires,I am ready to produce and give.What the world needs and desires, I recognize and fulfill.The bounty of my mind is without hindrance or limit.Nothing can stand in the way of my inspired creativeness.
The overflowing power of   God life energy overcomes every obstacle,and pours out into the world,blessing and prospering everyone,and everything through me.
 I radiate blessings,I radiate creativity,I radiate Prosperity,I radiate loving service,I radiate Joy,Beauty, Peace, Wisdom and Power.Humanity seeks me and rewards me. I am beloved of the world.I am wanted where ever I go.
 I am appreciated. What I have to offer is greatly desired.What I have to offer brings a rich reward.Through my vision the world is blessed.Through my clear thinking and steadfast purpose, wonderful new values come into expression.
My vision is as the vision of the mighty ones.My faith is as the faith of the undefeatable.My power to accomplish is unlimited.I, in my uttermost God Source,am all wealth,all power,all productivity.I hereby declare my financial freedom ,NOW and henceforth forever!
                            Author Unknown

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