Feeling Better!

I went bowling with my friend. I actually won, which was a shocker I suck at bowling. We had a great time. Then I went and spent time with a blast from the past. If you keep up with my blog. It is the man who put an end to my three-year drought. I shouldn’t have went over there. I think it was part revenge and part needing some attention. We actually watched TV and talked for about two hours.

Then he pissed me off because I had to push him to walk me to my car. When did chivalry die. This is beyond crazy. I have known this man for over seven years. I don’t know why it pissed me off. He was never the overly concerned type. After this weekend I know exactly what I don’t want from a man. Tonight also closed the door again on casual situations. I have so outgrown it. I do feel better about my crazy Friday break up. So I guess it is all good.

I do have a date tomorrow I am looking forward to. Who knows how my life can change instantly. My life is never going to be a romantic comedy. I still want the man of my dreams to show up. So do many women. I know I am not alone with these feelings. I have never had a problem meeting men. Keeping them is a whole different story. I haven’t had broken ups like Friday on a regular basis. Thank God. I wouldn’t be able to make it, if men did that to me on a regular basis.

I am going to say my prayers and decided what I want from a man and stick to those basic. I am also going to work on a budget for my future sperm purchase if that guy does not show up fast enough.


One thought on “Feeling Better!

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