Is god telling me something?

To understand this post I will have to tell you a little bit about me. I have been a big internet dater. Yes, since 1997 I have been on a lot of dates via the internet. I have also met a lot of people on the web that I have not met in person.  Ok my dirty little secret is out.

Well this one guy keeps showing up in my life. Handsome police officer. I met him online a good six years ago. He has asked me out at least a dozen times over the years. We have run across each other several different times and ways.

While dating on the net I have a few questions I ask. If you give me an answer I do not like, there is no date. One of my questions, if you get married and your wife gets fat what would you do?  I have gotten a wide range of answers. Some great, such as it doesn’t matter because I love her. Others I didn’t like. She will have to do something about that. I didn’t meet her that way. Cleary these men have never had a weight problem.

Why is this important to me? I am a reformed big girl. I have not had the gastro  bypass surgery. I am maintaining over a hundred pound weight loss (which is a long story). So looking at me you don not know this size 8-10 use to be a 24. With that I can not and will not promise I will be this size the rest of my life. One day at a time I am this size. I know where I can go. I never want to be a 24 again. I still can’t make any promises. Usually people are fat for a reason. One of my reasons can be depression.

The funny thing is my married friends never thought they would be fat. If a man asked them that question when they were an average size I am sure they would say sure I will never be a big girl. They would be honest, thinking they would never let themselves get that way. Now in the present they are plus sizes. I am sure they wouldn’t have predicted that.

So point-blank I need a man for me. Not pissed off and looking at me crazy because I gained weight.

All this to say he showed up again. The handsome cop. He clearly does not remember when we met in person. I was coming out of a club a few years ago with my friends. He was in the patrol car. He looked exactly like his picture and I introduced myself. He never answer my question in a way that he has made it to date one. Weight loss would not be a billion dollar business if things were so easy. I do not remember his various over the years. The one theme I do remember is a woman with him should not as he put it, let her self go and get fat. Like people do that on purpose.

Maybe I will let him take me on a date. I still stand by my question. I get fat I don’t want to hear any CRAP!!!


2 thoughts on “Is god telling me something?

  1. I’m with you, I tell guys take me fat and if I get skinny bonus for you. If I don’t, you know what you were getting. I have a thing for cops, always have, and my job now makes them one of the few who get the stress of what I do, but some of them….oh boy they make you shake your head. Be careful and don’t get taken. That being said, have fun, cause you know I live vicariously through you.

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