I can’t believe this shit!!

If anything he is predictable. I knew he would contact me. Yes the ex contacted me via text msg this morning. While I was driving no less. “Am I still mad at him”. Hell yeah you selfish asshole. I thought I was about to plow in the car in front of me. I know texting while driving is against the law. Well it is here. I couldn’t let it go. I did use the voice activation instead of typing with my fingers.

So yes all day we have been having a text msg, email battle. Well I have been cussing him the hell out. He hasn’t had too much to say. After all my responses riddled with hate he comes back with “Is there nothing I can do”.

I think of myself as not being stupid. My heart did jump with that email. Why I have no idea. I guess with all the drama he still wants me. I am still not swayed at the moment. My heart did jump. I have no idea how this will play out. I am going to be honest I can be weak also. Right now I am sticking to my guns. I asked him what the hell does he want from me? Yes I said it just that way. If I could post my email which I would never, you could see how ugly I really got.

What I know right now is I am going to a cookout this weekend. This is a cookout I was invited to by a member of my meetup group. She recently married a group member after a year of knowing him. Go figure that. I known this asshole for ten years and I haven’t seen a ring. I am going to leave that alone.

She mentioned to me, some men have been inquiring about me through the meet up group website. She thought I was in a relationship so she didn’t say anything. I told her that relationship is history so tell me who, I will introduce myself. That is after I cyber stock them on the meetup group website and see if they are datable. I might be single but never desperate. She is no longer a leader of the group. She is focussing on her marriage. I totally understand that. The new leaders will be at this cookout. I am there with bells on.  I also have a few feelers out there online. A few guys emailed me that were cute. We will see what pans out there.

My aunt said “you recover very damn quick”. Well one monkey does not stop a show. I also will not let my blessing pass by being depressed over some man. He got two days. That is what I allowed myself to be depressed. Those days are over so I moved on with my life. He contacted me today. As of last week he was deleted from my cell phone. I will keep you posted. When did my life turn into a soap opera!!!


One thought on “I can’t believe this shit!!

  1. Your life is full of excitement. I had one of those relationships where I’d still feel good about him calling but I know he was a shit head. In the end it was better for my sanity to let him go. Sounds like you have some good prospects. Good luck and happy dating.

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