Dating update

This is all on the internet so nothing is set in stone until proven. Presently three men have contacted me online that have my interest so far. I must be hot this week. I am usually contacted by a lot of men. I think most women are depending on what site you are on. You have to weed out the perverts and crazy folks. They are usually easy to recognized. One guy this week asked me if I was a freak. Ok that put him on the delete button quick. Thanks for letting me know you are not for me buddy.

1) He is 29 years old. Which is funny I usually go for older. No I don’t have a daddy complex. I just find older man more settled and know what they want. Last boyfriend not included in that statement. Well this guy is handsome ( from his picture) employed and interested in something serious. Hey who knows? He also has been keeping me entertained all day replying to my emails. Which is cool since my job is so damn boring.

2) He is my age 36 and really sexy from his picture. Also employed which is important. I have enough money problems on my own. I have received random emails from him. About one reply a day. He is not counted out. Maybe he will translate better in person. Did I mention he is 6’4. I love that. Make my six foot self feel short and protected. Hey if you are 6’0 and 6’2 with heels you will know what I mean.

3) He is a 43 italian dude. He is also employed. What is keeping him in the running is my attraction to italian men. I don’t know why that is? I find them sexy!! His picture was ok and not clear at all. I am hoping he is one of those guys who do not take pictures and look great in person. That has happened to me before.

So these are my three hopefuls. No phone numbers have been exchanged. So they can all fall off. One could make it through. Or I could be planning three dates. I am hoping  for the three date option. My reason behind that is a higher chance to meet a decent guy. Here is me keeping hope alive.


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