I need a day off!!

I really have no reason to take a day off. I just want to sleep all day. I never seem to be able to do that on the weekends. I have errands to run. The house needs to be clean. I have  a friend who only takes days off when she is going on a vacation. Well dammit I can’t afford a vacation. I can afford a house vacation.

Meaning I lay in my bed with nothing to do. unfortunately I will still have to walk Mr. Shitty paints. My house vacation is going to have to include the care of my dog. I guess there can be worse things. I need a mental health day. A day to regroup and rest my mind. I think a day off will be put on my agenda very soon.

My mom called yesterday. She said I needed to call and check on her because she is a senior citizen. I thought to myself, damn when did that happen. I guess I am almost middle-aged. This time thing is messing with me. The years rolled by so quick I didn’t even realize.

I need to get home to see her and my other family and friends. I guess that will be put on the agenda also. I swear when I need to spend money I always think of other places it could go. A plane ticket to Boston or a tune up on my SUV. The choices the choices. I wonder what rich people have to think about???


2 thoughts on “I need a day off!!

  1. Lol, yeah, if money was not an issue, it would take many topics of worry off the table. I encourage you to take a day off to yourself to just chill! Sounds like an excellent plan.
    p.s. your dating stories are fun to read. 🙂 Are you talking at all to ex or is that water under the bridge?

    • For right now I am not interested in talking to him. He messed with my baby dreams. Keeping hope alive. I swear money does change things. I day dream about it all the time. I would be on the way to having my babies. 🙂 I hope your baby journey is going well. Atleast you have a willing pertistapant.

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