11 years too long

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I have almost been in Georgia 11 years. Damn those years went quick. I remember when I moved to this state. I really wanted to go to NC. The problem was I didn’t know anyone in that state. The one girl I met didn’t really keep in touch. I was scared to move there and not know anyone.

My cousins were in the Atlanta area. Granted I don’t talk to them now. Which is a long story family dramas. The few cousins I did talk to move. One moved because it was better for her and her kids. The other for a job opportunity. We were roommates for three years.

Atlanta was party central when I first got here. I enjoyed every bit of it. It was great since my college years sucked the big one. Yes I was fat and insecure and lonely during college. I had friends a few male interest. I didn’t party. I missed out on all that. Due to my weight and lack of money to purchase cute outfits. They were not the greatest years of my life at all. I called home several times crying and wanted to come home.

My mother not the most sensitive person didn’t help my drama. She just yelled at me “What the hell are you going to do than”. Not the loving arms I was hoping to run into. I thought to myself I am not going home to this mean heifer I might as well stay.  My mom is one of the reasons I have a degree. Thank you mom!!

I moved here and went to so many clubs and events. I had lost 100 pounds a few years before and these people didn’t know me fat. It was beyond great.

The parties ended. Actually I wasn’t interested in them any longer. That is when I should have bolted from this place. Now looking back that was my moment I should have gotten the hell out.

I hate change. Even thought I needed one big time. I didn’t do it. I regret that so much. If I could have predicted this damn housing crises. I know a lot of people wish they could have also. When I was pushed to the brink, jobless, depressed and alone I was ready to move. It was the worse timing in the world. Right when the bubble burst on the housing market.

I go back and forth about being in this state. It has been my home for 11 years. I will never claim I am a Georgia Peach. I don’t care how long I am in this state. I am a Bostonian. Born and breed and will always be.

I can still leave as people keep telling me. The problem is I do not want to be a landlord. I want to leve here with no ties. Which would not be the situation at present. I am blessed for many reasons. Not content but blessed. I have to keep forcing myself to remember that.


2 thoughts on “11 years too long

  1. It’s bizarre that I’ve never met you but I really enjoy your updates. Life will take you where it will but you seem strong enough to cope with it. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (except polio ha ha).

    Best of luck chica 🙂

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