A Great Night Out

I had a great time. It didn’t start that way. I went to the party and everyone looked around my mother’s age. I was pissed. I just left a parking garage that look like the perfect place to get raped. I didn’t want to park there. I drove around for a while and realized I had no choice, if I wanted to make it before ten pm. Tickets were half off if you got there before ten. The elevator in the parking garage was so slow I used the stairs. Seven floors down with my new not broken in boots.

This was not starting off great. My feet were going to hurt and I haven’t danced to one song. I finally made it, and walked around to see what the attendees looked like. I was not impressed. I felt I should have stayed home with Mr. Shitty paints and watched a movie. I took a seat. I paid ten dollars to park and ten dollars to get into this place I was staying awhile. My friend wasn’t showing up to after eleven so I had sometime to hang out by myself. I sat in a lounge chair and people watched to kill time. This guy walked up to me. He was very handsome and very drunk. We chatted a bit and he informed me he was in town for the football game. He was in the navy stationed in South Carolina. We exchanged numbers and I sent him to his hotel room. He was beyond drunk and needed to go to bed. I didn’t know if he would even remember me in the morning.

A hour past and the party started to fill in with a younger generation. It was funny in the beginning I felt the crowd was to old. With in an hour the crowd was younger than my generation. Late twenties early thirties. I wasn’t complaining after the shift of age range. I started having a great time. I danced, met more guys received compliments. All in all a great night. If the past has any reflection to the future I probably will not hear from any of these guys. Not a biggie I enjoyed the compliments and attention. I have no complaints if nothing comes from it.

I did meet an older man. He was handsome and in his late forties. I flirted and he flirted. I told him about this social group I am apart of. I thought he could come to one of our events if he was interested. He gave me his card. I put the card in my purse and never thought about it again until this morning. I took the card out of my purse to email him the information. The card said assistant head coach to a NFL team. I was shocked. I had never had anyone so high-profile hitting on me before. Well actually that isn’t a true. Years ago a New England patriot wanted to sleep with me. I was about 21 when that happened. I am not into sports at all. I have no idea who one person is to another on major team.

I shoot him an email and we will see what happens. I had a very eventful night. A great way to relieve my depression!!!


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