To good to be true!!

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Reality is stranger than fiction. The NFL guy fizzled big time. He wasn’t interested in me. More in a possible single friend I might have that was more his type. Gee did I really need that information. I swear excitement in my life comes and goes so quickly. I told him I wasn’t a pimp.

Dating sucks so bad. It is making my ex look good. Not really, but damn if this is what is out there. I am so sick of this process it is ridiculous. All this to say I do have a date on Friday. I know right, I am insane. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Well this guy asked me out several times. We haven’t met due to his last-minute requests to meet up. I told him I needed more time than that. Well he works as a bartender. I am going to meet him during his shift this Friday. We will see how that goes. I also signed up to go out with my meet up group on Saturday. I do believe getting out the house is the best thing for me these days.

Life beats on regardless of happiness or sadness. I am scratching my ticket this weekend. Some money would turn my frown upside down.


One thought on “To good to be true!!

  1. Sorry the NFL guy was a dud. I like your energy to get out there and mingle and meet people. I have lots of trouble generating that kind of energy! Going dancing by yourself is very brave and awesome! I hope your date Friday is a good one!

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