Blast from the past 2

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Parts of my history are things I want to remember and things I want to forget. All these things made me the person I am today. I was thinking about my college boyfriend. I wanted this man so bad and he didn’t know I existed. My school had twenties thousand students. We had many different dorm locations. He moved into the cluster of dorms I was living in. He was a RA(Resident Adviser). This man had my attention from the first time we met. He had a thick accent, which I thought was so sexy. I believed he was Jamaican, tall, dark and handsome. I later found out he was from Panama and Spanish was his first language.

I will admit I stalked him. I didn’t know any better I was young. I was trying to force him to be my boyfriend. He blew me off so many times. The last and finally time I went off on him. I told him I was sick of him blowing me off and I was not going to call his ass anymore. I guess he didn’t realize he had hurt my feeling. He invited me to his dorm room that night. A relationship began from that day. I was infatuated with this man. We dated about two semester. He was graduating and I was going to be a junior. I felt I had met my soul mate. We were even born on the same day. How perfect was that!!!

The summer came and I bought a calling card. Long distance wasn’t included like it is now. I knew my mother would flip if I made a lot of long distance calls on her phone. He lived in Connecticut and I in Massachusetts. We were two and half hours away from each other. The summer consisted of us arguing. I felt like Lucille ball in the show I Love Lucy. When Ricky is yelling at her in Spanish and she has no idea what he is talking about. I even took Spanish as an elective because I was dating him. Which turned into the only D on my transcript. Your would think I would have a knack for languages. My grandmother spoke fluent Portuguese. Clearly it didn’t translate in my genetics.

He claimed he was moving to Atlanta GA. So pretty much our relationship was over. He never moved. Then I move there a few years later. Two years after I graduated he tried to start the relationship over. He offered to drive to Boston to take me out. I blew him off. I was still pissed he kicked me to the curb so easily. We stayed in touch for years. Every six months we would find each other via the phone. Until he told me he was getting married. I have to say I was a little bitter.

When Facebook first became popular he added me as a friend. He has now dropped me from his friend list. Since I am not on Facebook often, I have no idea when he kicked me off as a friend. I still think of him from time to time. The first man I could see as my husband. He couldn’t see me as his wife. A little girls dreams at the time!!! My fairytale delusions!!!


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