Lottery Update

I had an awful day yesterday at work. I couldn’t get anything right. I brought something to my boss three times wrong. She didn’t torture me. Every time I went into that office I wanted to crumble.

So lottery tickets needed to be scratched. In my world they are for bad days. Sunday I had scratched two and realized I won but didn’t know how much. I was enjoying the fantasy until yesterday. I needed to know if my frown was going to turn upside down. Well thirty bucks was nice but not enough to change my disposition.

I then scratched another one that I had on my dresser. I won again. I thought I would let that one simmer so I can fantasy at work for a few more days. At least to get my through the weekend.

I told a few friends I found my sperm donor if I had the cash to purchase his DNA. I am obsessed with the donor websites. I love some of my friends. They wanted to know his stats like I was dating him. It was so cute!!! I keep struggling with anonymous and open ID. To me there are pros and cons to each. I am just not sure where I stand on the issue. Other than the fact open donor cost more. A friend of mine went anonymous and she was firm in her reasonings. I guess I don’t have to decide now unless that lottery ticket tells me something good.

I know I need to start saving. It is hard because I never feel like I have anything extra. It is budget time. I hate working on a budget. My life is so drab as it is and a budget makes it worse. I could get out of debt and charge my baby making. The getting out of debt isn’t about to happen overnight either. I wish I had this thought about five years ago. I as actually out of debt than. I swear hindsight is 20/20.

I did have a highlight to the weekend. I bought a Wii off a friend for 50 bucks. I set it up and haven’t really played yet. I have streamed movies to my TV which is cool.

I was watching some news show and the Octomom was on there. I swear she makes all SMBC look bad. She is a hot mess and crazy to boot. I always thought her elevator didn’t go all the way to the top. She was washing one of her kids in the sink because her bathroom was messed up. I guess you do what you have to do. I feel sorry for those children. I do not feel bad for her lunatic self. I heard they took away the licence of the man who put all those eggs in her. I don’t know if I agree with that. He gave her a service that she requested. Ocotomom agreed with taking his licences away. All of it is crazy to me. He shouldn’t have done it but we all know money played a big part in this. She wanted it he got paid end of story.


2 thoughts on “Lottery Update

  1. I actually agree with them taking his licence away. He has no ethics and should not be practicing medicine, as he has no regard for human life. He could have killer her and all those children, and if you see your patient is off her nut, you have no business helping her have any more kids. As for open ID vs. Anon, I figured I’ve made a lot of choices for L, and so she will have the choice whether to find out more about her other half of DNA or not. Looking at the way things are going, I think the process will be more open in the future anyway. I’m all for that, so long as the law catches up.

  2. I hear you on the budget making life feel more limited/drab. And it’s one thing if you have crazy luxuries you can cut like weekly spa trips and expensive shoes, but if it’s relatively moderate entertainment and self-care type stuff, it can feel like deprivation. Anyway, hope you can come up with the donor funding somehow!
    p.s. if you ever want to email offline about anonymous/known donor issue, let me know. I think either is a valid choice but knowing identity meant a lot to me because of my history.

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