2 Winning Tickets

I have two winning scratch tickets. I haven’t scratched the amount. My day dreaming has been on high gear. My co-worker offered to pay me for the tickets. It is our inside joke. He knows I am not selling my winning tickets with a little extra. We share a laugh every time I tell him I have a winning ticket and don’t know how much it is. He says well how much did you pay for the ticket. When I tell him he instantly starts bargaining. He is the true gambler.

My co-worker buys tickets all the time. I buy them randomly and leave them there to sit until a bad day appears. The other day I just wanted some relief. I started feeling depressed. The winning tickets did cheer me up. I am saving them until Sunday night to see if next week will present a big surprise.

It is cold in Georgia, 30 degrees. I am freezing my butt off. It warms up by the afternoon. If I am having these many issues with cold. I know I will have big problems if I move back to Boston. I been here so long I am not used to Boston cold anymore.

Last night the heat was on and Mr. Shitty paints and I cuddled. He does that very well. Now if I can get him totally house trained he would be the perfect dog. I might be five years to late.


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