Life and its Mysteries

Prime Minister Stephen Harper - Napoleon Complex

Image by k-ideas via Flickr

Life is stranger than fiction. The ex is texting me again. I guess I opened the door when I emailed him and told I didn’t hate him anymore. That did not mean I want to be buddies. Our first text debacle ended with me calling him a jerk. I think he needs to disappear from my life for a while. I am still mad but I have no more hatred in my heart.

I have been emailing this guy. The web is a strange place. A few years ago I met this guy at a club. It was my birthday (I don’t remember which year) and my girl took me to a club. I was twenty pounds lighter and looking damn good. I was 6’2 that night with my heels and having a great time. There was this guy who was beyond interested in me. He was handsome with hazel eyes and and nicely dressed. The only problem in my book was he was 5’8.

In the world of the tall girl you learn a few things. It is hard to find clothes, shoes and men. Short men love tall women. It might be the Napoleon complex who knows. I have always had the short man’s attention. If I had a dollar for every bad pick up line I have received from a man of small stature. We are all the same size lying down. I will climb that tree. I am not scared of you.

I have always had an issue with dating a smaller man. It had to do with my own self esteem. I come from the land of the big girl. I am no longer big as I was when I grew up. I am out of the plus size section of the stores. I can buy regular these days. I always had the fear of looking like someones mother. I would date shorter, just not to short.

I had to date shorter or my dating career would have been very bleak. I have dated men taller than me. The tallest being 6’6. But 85% of my dates have been the same height or shorter. I try not to go under 5’10. Even thought one relationship he was 5’9. Which was not the norm at all.

Well the guy I met years ago on my birthday found me online. Not that it is hard to find my dating profile. We have sparked this email friendship. He seems like a very cool guy so far. He just asked me my schedule to ask me out on a date.

How my world turns is so strange. He is still cute. He does look like he put a little weight on. Shit I have also. We will see how it goes. I am open these days to see what god has for me. It feels like I am the one standing in my way. A cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt and see what he is about. Hey at least I know he is attracted to me. That is half the battle. Now we will see if the feeling is mutual.


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