Thanks for the prayers!!

My dog is fine. Thank god!! I did have another mess to clean up when I got home. I didn’t mind because he was jumping around like nothing was wrong. My dog hates to get dirty. The bedding was messed up with him being sick. He pushed it to the side of the crate. He was on the other side making sure it didn’t touch him. He did smell bad, so he got a bath to be restored to fresh and new.

I put pedialight(SP) in his water. I wanted to make sure he was hydrated. I made the rice and bought a can of chicken. The chicken was a hit the rice was a no go. He just left it there. I swear my dog is a picky eater.  I know he is hungry but he isn’t getting any more dog food until I am sure it is out of his system. Whatever caused his tummy to hurt.

So that is all I have to report. Life is blah nothing exciting going on. I still don’t have a confirmation for the Fernbank this Friday. I will see what happens. 

I won 20 bucks on my scratch ticket. Yeppie. Nice to see a winner!! There was a homeless man outside the gas station who wanted .75. I went to spend my 20 dollars I won. I gave him a dollar before I left. If I could waste 20 bucks on nothing. More scratch tickets!! Then I could give this man a dollar.

He said thank you and I felt good.


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