Sorry for the Melt Down

Mary Magdalene, in a dramatic 19th-century pop...

I thought about my post yesterday. I know my life is not perfect. I keep having to tell myself I am blessed. I have a lot to be grateful for. I know this and need to be reminded every time I go down the negative road. I am still breathing. Which means I have another day of possibilities.

I always was told everything happens on gods time not mine. Well sometimes I wish god would hurry up. I didn’t pray last night. I decided I was going to start praying every night and missed the first night.

That is damn shame. Well I am going to try again tonight. My mother tells me god listens and will help me if I pray. So that is the plan. Other than prayer I am at a loss. I will start my prayer with a thank you for what I do have. Before I go into what I feel I am missing.


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