Paula Dean WHO?

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I had no idea who Paula Dean was until I watched the news. When I say I am not a fan or reality T.V. , cooking show was included. I also do not watch HD TV and any home design shows. When I found out who she was and what she did I was applaud.

Then I read someones else blast this woman also. Everything is about greed and money. I was talking to my aunt and she said everything that woman cooked was drenched in butter, grease and anything fattening she could stick in her recipes. As the man stated in his article a hamburger with a donut in between. She didn’t and would not promote a lighter option. Living in a obesse nation the U.S. Obesity is running crazy in children and adults. I agree with the man blasting her, she was trying to kill people.  She cooked that way and was proud of it period.

Now this woman has type 2 diabetes. They actually reported she had it for a long while. I don’t have a problem if she realized she was wrong. Wanted to rectify her actions and what she has done. She waited until she was endorsed by and by a pharmaceutical company before coming out with her medical issues. The medical issues she put on herself by the way she was cooking and eating.

It is all about money. I am sure this woman could careless about the public. She made her millions killing people with her recipes. Now she is going to make her millions saving them with diabetic drugs.

The man in the article called her two-faced in so many words. I totally agree!! That is are culture. How can I make a buck off people!! Damn SHAME.


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