Save Me!!

Have a nice day

Today has just been one of those days. I am tired of everything including my job. I am ready for my life to go in a different direction and a different place.

If doctor dude asked me to go to Vegas and jump the broom today I would. Just in desperate need for change in my life. I know I could be opening a whole nother can a worms with that past statement. It is still how I feel. Me being me I did send that to him in a text message. Of course I had LOL after the message with a smiley face.

I was half kidding. I am just in that place today. I go to this place more than I like to admit.

If some money came into to my life that would be just as good. I told Doctor dude if I get some money I am going straight to get clinic and get knocked up. He didn’t like hearing that at all. I have to say I am not to worried about how he feels. I have a fantasy with him no real reality has happened.

 My praying fell off as soon as I committed to do it. I am so undisciplined it is sickening.

I am going to try to start today. I am making no promises this time. I am going to try is all I am going to commit too. I am ecstatic is Friday. No big plans on the horizon. A lot of errands I wish I could palm off on someone else. When your are single that person does not exist. So pretty much I am going to have to suck it up and take care of my business.

I have never wrote about this before. I doubt anyone at my job reads this blog. I sit in a cube. The people who sit around me drives me crazy with the constant sounds they make all day. I have never been around such a noisy bunch in my life. One is smacking on ice all day. Also beating up a bottle filled with ice to get the ice out. I hear every noise that comes out of her mouth. It drives me crazy. I try to turn up my radio and concentrate on something else. Sometimes that works sometimes it doesn’t. Now you might think I am over reacting. People have come by my cube and asked me what is that noise. I explained to them what it is and one comment was that was not sexy. I could do nothing but laugh. Hearing a smacking sound all day is not sexy. I also have another person next to my cube that sucks on his teeth for twenty minutes after he eats.

It is crazy. I can’t really tell them to stop. I tried telling him to stop sucking on his teeth. That didn’t go over well. So now I leave it alone. I feel people have no office etiquette these days.

Such as stinking up the break room cooking fish in the microwave. When I worked at another job this woman would open tuna fish then put the can in her trash can outside her office for us to smell all day. She would be in her office with an air freshener. One day I told her the whole office was talking about her. She was in shock. I said if you don’t want to smell tuna what makes you think we do.

I swear some people only care about themselves.


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