Good Wishes and Luck

One hundred dollar bill, series 1914

My co-worker and I are convinced we will not when the lottery at one of the big commercial gas station. When you look at the winners online they are always the little random places.

Today I went and bought one of the new scratch tickets on the market. I was sucked in by the commercial I saw this morning. I go to the same gas station up the street from my job.

On this particular day I asked the cashier who I think owns the place his name. He said Woot I think. He asked me why did I ask his name. I said I am in here all the time and you are so nice. He then asked me my name. I told him when I win you won’t see me anymore. We both laughed. He said now that you asked me my name you will probably win and I won’t see you!!

Now we both were laughing hard. I told him I will give the gas station a call and let him know why I am not coming back!!!

Woot might have put into existence my financial freedom. I will keep you posted!!


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