Quick Weekend

I can not believe how fast this weekend went. I need more time!!! I am happy I took a few days off. So it will be short week, Thank GOD!! I need a break. I am not sure from what. My life is not that eventful. I need a mental break.

Mr Shitty paints is back in crate prison. I cleaned my carpets which is a job and a half. My aunt and cousin bought me a carpet cleaner as a present. It is such a pain in the ass to use. I was sick of looking at the stains on my carpet. So yesterday I did the whole living room. I should have put his butt in his crate. I thought I would give him a chance. Why did I do that? My newly cleaned carpet had a stain on it this morning. I was about to kill that dog!!.

Now when I get home I need break out the carpet cleaner again. I wish I had the money to get all hardwood. I am sick of carpet and the stains and issues of it.

I digress. I worked on the blanket this weekend. It is getting bigger and hopefully I can put it in the mail. I know two years late. Better late than never is my new motto.

I went to a birthday party. It was nice to hang around a different crowd. I knew a few people there. They are in my meet up group. I had a pretty decent time. I also got a job lead. I emailed her my resume on Sunday. We will see what happens.  More money could equal motherhood!!

Doctor dude called me on Friday and I haven’t heard from him the rest of the weekend. He is an awful fake boyfriend. That is my new name for him. Fake boyfriend LOL. He will become real when he gets his ass on a plane to come visit me.

I was also given a card at the party that was interesting. A personal introduction agency. It is an alternative to internet dating. You sign up and only pay if they find you a match. I like those odds. I signed up yesterday. We will see how it works out. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Sometimes I feel so desperate on a mate search. It is not my intention. I am trying to keep my options open. A friend asked me why don’t I give ex asshole another chance. That is when I realize how desperate I am not. He has reached out to me. I have been cold and non receptive to random text messages. If someone treats me like crap I am not jumping back for any reason. I am sick of being concerned of how a man feels. Who gives a shit!!. I will care when they give a damn how I feel. That is exactly what I told her when she used the he feels blah blah. I could careless how he feels.  I am done with the benefit of the doubt for these fools who walk all over me. I have no interest in working that situation out. I was honest with him and he lied. When I had that conversation I realized I am not desperate at all. He would come back to me in a minute if I said it was ok. I rather be alone with my un house broken pain in the ass dog. Then go through that bullshit again!!!


2 thoughts on “Quick Weekend

  1. Thanks, I have just been searching for information about this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered so far. But, what about the bottom line? Are you sure in regards to the source?

    • I assume you are reffering to the short sale on my house. Well there are many reasons why I am doing this process. So for the bottom line everything will be great god willing. I am hoping for minimal issues with my credit report.

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