Valentines Day

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960

In my adult life I always hated this day. I never have a significant other on this day. The few times I have they never have acknowledge the day at all. When I was a child through my late teens my mom would buy me a Valentine gift. Whatever our issues we have had over the years I love my mother deeply. She is a special woman. I haven’t always appreciated her type of special. Don’t get me wrong the woman can be completely crazy. I know she always loved me with all she had.

Well I sent Doctor dude a Valentine, chocolate covered Oreo’s. I don’t know why. I got an email from this gift place I order from. I thought why not. I do that from time to time. Things out of the ordinary. I have never met this man. I wanted a Valentine so I claimed him.
I didn’t order from my usual gift place. I went to Amazon and got something on the cheap. Did I mention I have no idea where this man lives. I sent it to his office. With the 3-5 day shipping it should be there on the 14th.

So I have a Valentine this year. He doesn’t know it!! My secret. If he does or does not appreciate it, it made me feel good. That is all that counts.


2 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. I think that’s really sweet what you said about your mom.
    I know what you mean about Valentine’s Day. I honestly can’t believe S and I broke up right before my birthday. . . and Xmas. . . and New Year’s! Could there have been a worse time? Now Valentine’s without a beau. At least we’re finally talking things through, which I’ve wanted for a while.
    I think it’s cool sending the oreos – you guys are dating via phone so sending an Amazon gift via mail is perfect! 🙂

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