Vacation is over!!

I had a few days off. The vacation has come to an end. I am not to happy about it.  Especially since it went quickly and was packed full of problems.

I went to a meet up event. This guy was hitting on me. He felt he should psycho analyze me. With in ten minutes and a few non of his business questions, he comes up with a diagnoses. I don’t really want to be married. Wow really!! He asked me before his diagnose. If I was married, have children or boyfriend. He also wanted to know about the past men in my life. Now anyone reading my blog knows all these issues are a big sore part of my life.

I went to the left on this man. I told him why was he trying to diagnose me with five minutes of conversation? This was not good bar talk. I came her to have a good time. Not for this crap. If relationships are so damn easy where is your wife?? He was divorced. Oh I see, so what the hell is wrong with you. He apologized and didn’t want to talk to me anymore. He pissed me off. I didn’t really meet anyone and went home.

Then I went to the dealership for a recall on my truck. Of course they found something wrong other than the recall. I refuse to let a dealership work on the car. I went to my mechanic today. He agreed with the dealership that it needed to be fixed. Six hundred bucks later my issues was fixed. Two hundred less than the dealership. I was planning to get a tune up. That clearly will be pushed back. This expense was not in my budget to the plastic was used.

I did my taxes today finally. It took forever and was more drama than I anticipated. I had to contact the turbo tax chat line for help. Hours later it was done thank god.

Then I talked to Doctor dude for more bad news. I told him he would be having a surprise. Well he works out of three offices. He made it sound so damn complicated I wish I hadn’t sent him shit. Then it seems he will not be visiting me anytime soon. I know he has a busy schedule. He wants me to come there. I would if we have met before. I am sticking to my guns. He will have to come here first. Sounds like it might never happen. If it doesn’t it wasn’t meant to be. Oh well I am over it. I need to focus on my and what I need to do, I can’t worry about him.

We will see if he steps up to the plate. The ball is in his court.


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