It is over!!

Valentines day is over. I survived! I guess my issue with the day is the reminder that I am single. Who the hell wants to be reminded of that. Doctor dude sent a text and called. He said the gift reached the office. One of the office managers is going to bring it to him at the other office today.

I hope he enjoys it.

Light at the end of the tunnel. I did win  on my lottery scratch ticket. I have no idea how much. I am going to enjoy the fantasy of it being the top prize for the rest of the week. There will be a completely different tone to this blog if I did win the top prize. Not that money can buy you everything but it can get the party started.

I need to fantasized to get me through the week. I am so unmotivated. I would lay in bed for a week if I could.

I am not depressed. I can diagnose that pretty quickly. I am dissatisfied with my circumstances. My co-worker offered to buy the ticket from me again. It makes me laugh. My delayed gratification is his gambling opportunity.

A friend is going through drama with custody of her child. Hearing her issues makes the sperm donor thing look great!! Not that I can judge every situation by her circumstances. The grass isn’t always greener. Everyone has issues and problems.

I told my friend she will receive her daughter blanket in about a week. I wasn’t paying extra for quick shipping. She waited two years, another week won’t hurt. No more promises of blankets. I am done on that front. My next blanket will be for a child I give birth to.


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