Thank God It's Friday

I am so happy it is Friday. I have absolutly nothing planned but regular errands. I sometimes think how my life would change with children. Especially having them alone. Would I be up for the challenge?  Will I be able to find a village? I can be a loner, I will have to break that character flaw.

Doctor dude and I have not been connecting lately. He said he cell phone was down last weekend. Since that break in communication I see a lack luster from him.

I am not crying over it. He was my fantasy dude. Until he makes himself a reality I just used him to fantasize about.

Sitting on sperm bank website so much can’t be healthy! I found myself there a few times this week. All I need is the cash and I am ready to make a purchase.

On the online dating front. A few interesting characters. Nothing to move my mind over. Online dating has so many ups and downs. I am at a down moment.  There are random times I am going on date after date. What I hate is the recycled guys.

Yes I have been online dating entirely to long. With the time I spent out there I run into some of the same guys over and over. So this loser contacted me again. He is beyond arrogant. Which is easy to spot with the hundred of pictures he has of himself on a dating site.  We had talked once a year ago. He wanted to let me know I was attractive and tall like him and we would look good together. Really I thought, that is his recipe for a relationship.

I have no time for men who are full of them selves. I been there done that got the tee shirt. So his note this time stated well I am  still on here give him a chance. I told him no I am good. I will stay on a dating site forever plus ten years before I go on a date with this man.

I am single and alone but not desperate. I don’t need a man like that. He has no idea I think he is a big ass. No need to argue with a stranger. He can live his life and I can live mine. Hopefully I won’t get anymore emails from him. I appreciate he finds me attractive but I need a lot more than that. How about talking to me longer then ten minutes!!


2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. I found your blog while looking for women who were in the thinking phase of becoming a choice mom. A few hours later, I’m laughing at your dog and wanting to smack some of the guys you meet.

    I completely relate to you. Online dating, for me, has become fending off the guys who pretend they want something serious but actually just want to get laid. Ugh. Who proposes a first date at their place after messaging 3 times?

    Thanks for such an awesome blog. I’ve bookmarked it and am looking forward to more!

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