I don’t know what I expected. I am so excited with my dream of motherhood coming to be. Why I am not getting a parade of excitement is kind of pissing me off. My mother of course can’t wait. It is others ruining my buzz to actually have a plan.

A few other people are worried about the ramifications from my credit with this manner of dumping my property. Do they know I was willing to walk away from this property. I still would. Do they realize I have no partner and I accepted that crap. I cannot and will not accept not having children. My prior plan was waiting on lottery winnings. I saw no way out!!

They don’t understand my desperation. How I want to scream from the dam roof tops it is un fair. Granted no one told me life was fair. Also with my past I should already know that ten times over.

Can a girl get some moral support from her village. NO that seems like to much for people. It is funny I have this aunt who is so sensitive about her feelings. God forbid I hurt her feelings. Which I have hurt her feelings and sometimes I don’t feel bad. Not that I do it on purpose. The reason for not feelings bad is she will stomp all over others feelings all the time. What about do un to others as you want done to yourself.

I have only been talking about a baby for a year. Do they really think I give a shit about real estate. Home ownership is very much overrated. I was worried about my credit. Now I could careless about that either. I do want some buying power don’t get me wrong. I will need another car eventually. I might need to use a credit card. That is just not my main concern right now.

I need to get them out of my head and not give a crap. It is a let down when you think people will be happy for you and they are not. Well I will be happy for myself. God is good. I am not standing still in my baby making dreams. I have a possible plan to make it happen. I am beyond excited and everyone else can kiss my ass!!!

My life has some direction. I can’t wait to meet this guy this weekend to talk about the short sale. I am so ready to get this party started. I hope it all works out!!!

I do have a funny. I told Doctor Dude. Well he was half sleep when I told him my plan. Even half sleep he seemed disappointed. I am not really a Beyoncé fan, but I told him he didn’t put a ring on it I have to do what I have to do! LMAO!! Get on a plane dude then we can talk. Other than that I don’t have time for B.S.

2 thoughts on “WTF!!

  1. Good for you for having a plan! I agree home ownership is overrated. After I leave this place (whenever that might be), I suspect I won’t be able to own a place again. Goodbye savings, especially if I go forward with AI (and even more so if I succeed). Good luck with the short sale.

  2. You seem so very positive and optimistic now about your future. Like you finally have control over your life. This is great! Don’t let anybody bring you down. Do what’s best for YOU and your chance to have a child.

    Good luck!

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