I don’t need another problem!

A Christmas themed Finnish scratch game "...

I am convinced I have a gambling problem. I am not at the point of gambling away my light bill money. I however love scratch tickets. My grandmother and father bought scratch tickets all the time. My father claims he is going to quit. I doubt it!!

Now I think I have the same problem. I know I would be board at a casino. The package store with my five and ten dollars I am hooked. I sit there and look at each ticket thinking about if I won. I think it might be a problem.

It is bad enough I have an eating¬†problem and no husband or boyfriend problem. An upside down loan on my house problem. A no children problem. Do I need a gambling problem. Hell no I don’t.

When I am about to buy I think life is stranger than fiction. I could win and jump-start all my plans. I started the gambling because I wanted a baby and I thought only luck would get me there. Now that I have an actual plan that has nothing to do with a scratch ticket you would think I quit. Not so much. I had to get my fix today.

I am also the strangest lottery player. I am not going to scratch them until I get out of this house. I don’t need anything messing up my process of being free of this property.

So when I finally get out of this house a good two or three months from now. I hope!! Then I will have a pile of scratch tickets to go through and see if I was one of the lucky ones.

I have issues. I know everyone has issues!! It is just hard to face them when they are you own!!


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