So lazy!!

Back cover of Barbie booklet about how to lose...

I need to exercise. I heard the endorphins make you feel better. Every attempt I make to exercise I lose interest before that happens. I use to be the fat kid no one picked in gym. My mother is an exercise fanatic. Why couldn’t I inherited that from her. No I get the fat gene that the rest of her family happens to have.

It does suck growing up when you are fat and your mom is skinny. My mother and I are presently around the same weight. She is trying to lose weight and so I am. I wouldn’t call us fat. My mom is 5’11 and I am six feet. I wear a 10/12 and my mom wears a 12. She does have a better body than I do with me being lazy and her working out.

I also need to start going through all my crap in my house. I have been there nine years. I know it will be horrific if I have to rush and do it. Now that I know this house thing is going to take some time I need to get to it. Yet I have no motivation. God help me with my laziness please!!

I know I am giving away my dog. Every time I look in his little face I want to cry. It has to be done. He will have a better life with a back yard and stay at home mommy. The woman who wants him pretty much works from home. I know  my doggie will hate Boston and it’s weather. He is a high maintenance dog. He likes things like central air and grass. Things that do not exist where I am going!!

I need to push through this and do what I need to do. It just seems so hard!!

2 thoughts on “So lazy!!

  1. It would have to be so hard to give up your pet even knowing that he is going to be in a good situation. I understand what you’re saying about no motivation to exercise or clean out the house. I keep telling myself I am going to start walking… tomorrow and I will clean out all the papers and crap in the office … next weekend. Good luck getting motivated! 🙂

    • He is laying on my bed now. I know I am going to miss my puppy. Walking him in a blizzard I am not willing to do. Also he doesn’t like cold or snow. So I am sure he won’t like it either. I walked over my mess for another day. I am praying for motivation.

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