Still Dreamin!!

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I can not stop thinking about how I want things to be. I worked on being positive today. Then right when it was time to go the boss got into one of her moods. Yelling her demands. She doesn’t deal with stress well. Some days it doesn’t bother me. Then others days I am thinking how the hell can she talk to people who way. When I gave her what she needed, she instantly calmed down. Can I say I wish I could take a long break from the work force.

I am scratching some tickets tonight. That is always my answer to a bad day. It could turn my frown upside down. I was trying so hard not to frown today. I wanted to stay positive. I was good until about five minutes to five. It is to early in the week to be pissed off. I have four work days to deal with. Stress usually makes me want to eat. Driving home I was thinking how will I just eat the meal I have set out. I felt like I wanted to vegetate. Eat away my problems and stress.

Eating is not going to change my situation. It is just going to give me another issue. Gaining a whole bunch of pounds. So far so good. I ate my Salmon, salad and broccoli. I am feeling full and drinking my tea. I did have a coke zero today. I did not drink any coffee. I can pound down cup after cup during office hours. I know I like the cream more than the coffee. So no coffee for me today. This is the first day in many at work I have not had coffee. I am personally shocked I made it through the day. I am on my way to completing day two of my food mission.

When I put my mind to something it usually gets done. I am trying to stay focused and stop seeing things as impossible!! Anything is possible!!


4 thoughts on “Still Dreamin!!

  1. Yes! You can do it! I know what you mean about food! But when you have a goal. At least for me, it’s easier. Sorry your boss yelled at you. 😦

      • You’re gonna do great! I had a moment yesterday where all I could think about was CAKE and hoe badly I wanted it! Except everything I do is centered around me becoming baby ready. So no cake for me. 😦

        I’m not sure if it’s this post or another, but can you start looking for jobs in Mass before the short sale hurts your credit?

      • No I am staying in GA for a while to save money. I will be in a roommate situation paying 400 bucks a month. With my present job I can save a butt load a month. So I can have a cushion when I get home. I know this sounds bad. When I get home I want a month off. I been working since I was 14 and I never had a true break. When I been fired I was so nervous about find a job I wouldn’t call that a break. I want 30 days of no worries and de stress. With my plans I probably will never have that chance again. Hey I might a blog about that!!

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