Thank God It's Friday

Why am I so happy on Fridays. The end to a work week. Rest and relaxation to look forward to. It has been a long hard week. The last two days have been a whole lot better. I think it has a lot to do with my attitude adjustment. I just took on a new task at work. Cleaning up the break room. Anyone who has worked in an office setting knows what I am talking about.

People are so inconsiderate and don’t clean up their mess. I been complaing for years. Now I finally got my hands on the whole thing. I will in listing volunteers to clean it monthly. I guess the control freak in me wanted it done my way from the start.

Who wants to heat and leave their food in nastiness. I know I sure the hell don’t. I have no big plans this weekend. I did talk to a new guy for hours last night. He is in Rhode Island. regardless of what happens it was a nice conversation.

A new idea for me I found on another single mother by choice blog. Thank you ladies on this journey. Your information has been beyond helpful and I so appreciate it.

Co-parenting!! I don’t know much about it. I am going to put my research cap on and get the ins and outs. I told my friend about it!! Might help her journey also. I am not sure it is the way for me. Certainly something to look into. The funny thing if I was staying in GA it might have been a great option. Now moving home to MA I think I want full and total control. I am not making all these sacrifices for nothing!! I am hoping they are all not done in vain.

I am looking forward to my next phase of life. The guy I talked to last night said he wants a relationship and children. Music to my ears. That is nice to hear but will we get along is the big question!!

I still think about what was said at the Single mother by choice meeting. Do not let a relationship slow down your journey. Which I am fully ready to begin getting knocked up ASAP. Once the move and all my ducks are in a row. So we will see where men fall in my life when my ducks are ready. I can tell you right now men are  not high on my priority list. I will pull my ads down with out a problem. Then put them back up when I am ready to date. With a big change to the profile HAS CHILDREN!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. I love your last line!
    Did you find the co-parent website ?
    There are not a lot of people on there but more than there used to be (and they just upgraded the site). Hopefully some in your area.

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