Work Crush!

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I have a crush on this guy at work. It will always remain a crush because nothing will ever happen. He is married. He is such a great guy. I find myself more and more attracted to him every time we talk. Which is not often at all. I can tell he a nice guy all the way around. Also very handsome.

 I would never date anyone at work again. I have tried it twice and it has blown up in my face twice. Having a crush is no biggie. I am so tired. Probably because I stayed up late playing my Sims game. Something to entertain myself besides the refrigerator. I am also going to try to get back to acupuncture this weekend. I need to relax big time. I think it will help me on all levels.

I was talking to another SMC friend. Usually we are usually negative and commemorating our pain of how things are not going our way. This time she was very positive and said we will bring things our way. I am with her. I need to get off the negative road. That includes anything negative. People, places or things. I need to be surrounded by positive. Now how am I going to do that presents the biggest challenge.


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