Was I ever this stupid!

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Reality TV has never really been my thing. I do find myself watching MTV 16 and pregnant. Last night episode really hit me. Was I that stupid when I was 17 years old. It is so hard to think back. We all go through our lumps in life. We learn from our mistakes. I have to say I never wanted to be a teenage mom and did everything possible to prevent it. Birth control and condoms and I was never pregnant.

I have to say I understand how the girls mom was pissed she was pregnant. She took her to the clinic and put her on birth control. I also don’t want squash anyones dreams of conquering the world even if they have a baby. I swear these girl have no idea what they are getting into. Every episode it seems like each girl is stuck in her own fantasy world. No one is realistic to money or child care or the commitment to raising a child. They are all pie in the sky have never lived life type of young adults.

MTV sure knowns how to pick the train wrecks. I guess that is why there rating is so high. It is hard to not watch a train wreak. You try to look away but you can’t. The episode last night with Alex Sekella I was floored. This girl had no concept of anything. Her mother tried to explain it to her and all she had were tears. Sweetie no time for tears, it is time to grow up. Every time the boyfriend showed up I thought to myself no one can tell this little boy is on drugs. I think he was 16 and always looked smoked out when he showed up. I don’t know how she even slept with him. In ever scene he looked dirty and sweaty and high. I am thinking girl if you want this boy to help you got a screw loose.

He did have a lot of sence when he said we are young with no money adoption is better. It was clear he made his choice. She was trying to make him have the emotions towards the baby she had. No dice he was looking for his next hit. You also never met his parents. Who knows what his story is. I understand why she kept her baby. I can’t imagine giving a child away. But I am going to pray for her and that child. Because I don’t see a bright future.

I not sure I was as stupid as these girls when I was their age. I lived in a community that a lot of girls had babies in their teens. There was also a lot of poverty and people on assitance. Growing up in those circumstance you tend to grow up alot faster. I told myself early I would not be one of them. I had to many things I wanted to do. I know I went through the same teenage bullshit with guys. But I made sure no children were going to come from that drama.

I pray for all those girls on that show. It just shows the tragic lack of reality of our young adults. Unprepared for life and adding additional responsibilities when they can’t even take care of themselves.


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