Want to be in the game!!

I know I am planning for my future pregnancy. I am ready to be in the game. You know when you make a choice. I know I have more hope than I had six months ago. Going back to Boston will change my life in many ways. I plan to use it as a dream starter. I keep thinking I want a night job. So I can go to school and work on having a baby at the same time.

I have never worked nights in my life. I have no ideal how my body will react to such a game changer. My neighbor got use to it. She sleeps most of the day. A friend of mine worked nights and went to nursing school during the day. She has always has the S on her chest. Super woman and conquer every challenge.

No pain no gain. I want to do the same thing to live my dreams. I know education is the ticket for a career change. I also know I am not eligible for in state tuition until I am in MA a year. So I was thinking to take a few classes at a time until I get past that year.

My mortgage company called me looking for their payment. I never been put in that position before. It is so humbling. I had to get over it. I told her I was working on doing a short sale. She sounded like she understood and didn’t need to much more information. She asked me if I already had a buyer and I told her yes. Then she dropped the subject. I guess with so much of the country going through the same thing, she didn’t find my case any different.

I hope it all goes smoothly. I will be passing in all my paper work soon. I know I am going to dread packing. I hate moving. Being in my house nine years I have a lot of crap to go through. I could do it now but I have no motivation. I also have this crazy back pain that is coming and going.

I am ready mentally to TTC. All my ducks are not in a row to get started. Me being ready doesn’t make anything move faster.


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